Serving the Children of the World
The first meeting of the Mukwonago Kiwanis Club was held on May 16,1946.  The club started when Laurel Hause was approached by members of the Burlington Kiwanis Club regarding starting a club in Mukwonago.  Laurel and Walter Lobdell recruited forty (40) members to join the Mukwonago Kiwanis Club.  The club officially received its charter at the charter meeting held on July 11. 1946.  The first president of the club was Floyd McKensie.

Past club projects include:
Construction of a bath house, raft, diving board and pier on the Mukwonago River in 1950-51.  This was located just above the damn where the present swimming area is.

Sponsorship of Farmers Institutes held for many years at Washington Ave School and Park View, when Park View was the high school.  Programs attracted hundreds of farmers and focused on agricultural improvements.  Farmers' recognition programs replaced the Farmers Institutes.

Sponsorship and operation of a youth Center which started out at the U&U Church as dances on Friday night for high school age children.  The program was later moved to the High School.

Sponsorship of post-prom parties, M Club letter Banquets, donations to Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, AFS, Salvation Army bell ringing, highway clean up and meals on Wheels were some of the numerous past club projects.

In 1972, The Mukwonago Kiwanis club sponsored the East Troy Kiwanis Club.

In 1978, Mukwonago Kiwanis initiated the Key Club at the Mukwonago High School.

In 1987, the club began recognizing outstanding seniors at Mukwonago High School with the Student of the Month Program.  Sixth and Eighth Grade recognition programs were added in 1989.